Taxi Sligo Service

Sligo is a small but spread out town and in between the rain showers you may need to get a lift in a taxi. Or, if you plan to visit Rosses Point and Strandhill in one day for example it might be worth your while to book a friendly taxi driver would will more than likely be able to share some local knowledge with you on the journey.

Rosses Point to Strandhill Sligo Taxi Service

We get a lot of calls for regular school pick up and drop or runs and we are always willing and able to accept more runs. Our busiest times are at the weekend mainly Friday and Saturday evenings and nights. We have vehicles to caters for any sized group and we are based on Sligo town so we are never too far away. 


Frequently we provide a taxi service to people to have no transport to bring home items they bought in town, we also make regular runs to all the major supermarkets which is a favourite with our elderly customers who also book regular taxis to mass on a Sunday mornings. 


With local experienced drivers who have an excellent knowledge of Sligo town, you can be confident you will get to where you need to be in one piece and on time. 


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